Krita Animation Review

By Prisim Animations Staff Avery Tyler

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Krita is a free-to-use, open-source, raster graphics editor software designed primarily for digital painting and animation available on Linux, Windows & Mac. The software provides a great alternative to more expensive applications and can be utilized by artist of all skill levels. Krita also works on multiple platforms and comes with a variety of different tools to pick from.


  • Free-To-Use
  • Krita’s animation layout is very easy to use & to set-up, as seen here
  • Comes with a variety of tools like; onion skins, timeline and an easy to use frame rate changer
  • Since Krita is art software designing your animation is made very easy!
  • Easy to learn
  • Cons

  • Krita’s primary purpose is not animation, it's an art software first and an animation software secondary
  • Requires a second application to export animations
  • Conclusion

    Overall when it comes to looking for free animation software Krita is one of the best on the web. The software provides an amazing free alternative to other pay-to-use software with its easy to use features and a variety of tools. The only issue comes witht he 2nd application, buts easy to set up and takes no trouble at all. I’d recommend Krita to anyone new to or currently looking for animation software.