Gimp Animation Review

By Prisim Animations Staff Avery Tyler

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Gimp is an open-source, raster graphics editor software primarily used for digital painting and image editing. Gimp provides an array of professional-like tools & features, that provides a great alternative to many pay-to-use art software out.The software is also cross-platform and runs on Linux, Microsoft and Mac products.


  • Free-To-Use
  • Animation layout is easy to set-up & use, as seen here
  • Great for gifs & small animations
  • Designing is made very easy
  • Great variety of art tools made available
  • Easy to learn
  • Cons

  • Can only really be used for gifs and very short animations
  • The animation aspect of Gimp is very, very secondary to the normal art functions
  • Lacks basic animation tools like onion skins & timelines
  • Conclusion

    Overall when it comes to looking for free animation software, Gimp is not a terrible choice to go with. Gimp provides a pretty good, niche alternative to other animation experience. There is still more to be desired, but if you're looking to make videogame sprites Gimp is a great choice!