Best Digital Art Software


• Free to use open source digital painting and animation software
• Very beginner friendly
• Used by all skill levels, from beginners to professionals
• Krita offers a variety of essential tools form color mixing to layers, too many to list

MediBang Paint

• Free to use digital painting and comic Creation software.
MediBang is filled with many great features for comic creating such as;
• Variety of brushes, Free fonts
• Easy panel creation
• Pre-made backgrounds and easy to use comic page management


• Free to use digital painting and photo retouching software
• Very beginner friendly
• Plethora of tools made available

Pay-to-Use Digital Art Software

Adobe Illustrator

• One of the most versatile software out
• Can be used for digital painting to icon design
• Too many features to list that can be beneficial for any of your graphic design needs
Price: $20.99 per month

Clip Studio Paint

• Designed for drawing and painting
• Plethora of features to help match your drawing style
• Compatible with other drawing software
• Dedicated so features for comics and manga
• Able to convert 3d data to lines ready to use in comics and manga
Price: 49.99 standard version
Price: 219.99 Full feature version

Paint Tool Sai

• High quality and lightweight painting software
• More than enough tools with the added benefit of a simple interface and user-friendly tools
Price: $50.81

Adobe Photoshop

• Like Adobe Illustrate with the sheer number of tools and features available
• Also great for photo editing and manipulation
Price: $20.99 per month

Affinity Designer

• Easy to use high quality paint software.
• Like Adobe, Affinity has a plethora of tools that can be used for any of your painting and design needs
Price: $49.99

Art Rage 6

• From water colors to oils Art rage provide a wide range of tools to match the experience you’d have with the real thing
Price: $79

Drawing Tablets

With most digital art Software you are going to need a drawing tablet to design your animations. Here are a couple of the best and most used drawing tablets.

Huion Tablets

Pen Tablet- Drawings are displayed on computer screen

  • Graphic Tablet Price: $29.00 - $179.00
  • Pen Display - Drawings and Images show up directly on tablet

  • Pen Tablet Monitor Price: $349.00 - $899.00

  • Wacom Tablets

    •Pen Computers-$$$
    •Pen Displays-$$
    •Pen Tablets-$
    Price Range: $59.95 - $3,000+
    All expensive, but amazing quality