Best Animation Software


• Very beginner friendly
• Easy animation set-up & layout
• Variety of easy to use tools for beginners
• Requires 2nd application to export animations

Adobe Animate

•One of the best software for all animators
•Easy to use
• Plethora of features available
• Amazing transform tools


• Gimp is great for shorter animations, gifs & sprites
• Not the best layout for animation (no onion skins, etc)
• Not 100% designed for animation

Pencil 2D

• Simple, minimalistic, easy to use design
• Great for beginners when it comes to drawing and creating videos
•Good amount of tools available


•Easy for beginners to learn
•Comes witha lot of great functions
•Harder to draw with


•Large variety of tools
•All-in-one type program
•Slightyl intricate design


•Great for business presentations
• Great for commercials advertisements
•Easy and simple to use software
Price: Free and premium packages


Blender Grease Pencil

•Truly one of the best Software out
• Allows you to utilize both 2d and 3D animation features
• Combine 2D with 3D right in the viewport
• Full Animation Support with Onion Skinning
• Sculpt brush strokes & Parent to 3D objects

Moho 2D

•One of the best animation software out there!
•Great for experienced animators and can create near professional work

Price: Moho Debut 13 - $59.99

Price: Moho Pro 13 - $399.99 Free trial available

Stop Motion Studios

• Amazing for stop motion videos and cheap
• Only available on Android, IOS, Mac and Windows devices

Price: Android & IOS: $4.99

Price: Mac & Windows: $1.99


•Similar to PowToons
• Great for businesses and advertisements

Price: $20.99 per month

Drawing Tablets

Huion Tablets

Pen Tablet- Drawings are displayed on computer screen

  • Graphic Tablet Price: $29.00 - $179.00
  • Pen Display- Drawings and Images show up directly on tablet

  • Pen Tablet Monitor Price: $349.00 - $899.00

  • Wacom Tablets

    •Pen Computers-$$$
    •Pen Displays-$$
    •Pen Tablets-$
    Price Range: $59.95 - $3,000+
    All expensive, but amazing quality